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Sports Physical Examination

What is a sports medical examination?

Sports medical check-ups are all those tests concerning the state of health of the athletes, fundamental to play sports in a safe way. It is recommended to carry it out annually or whenever you want to start a new sport, to know if you are physically prepared to practice it.

What happens during a sports medical examination?

A sports medical examination may be composed of a series of tests:

History: analysis of medical history and personal and family history.
Gait analysis: revision of the pelvis, spine, ankles, knees, etc.
Cardiovascular evaluation: checking blood pressure by listening to your pulse and heart beat
Electrocardiogram: obtains a graph of the electrical activity of the heart.
Respiratory assessment: this may involve listening to your breathing and spirometry (measures lung capacity and volume).
Body composition: calculation of bone, muscle and fat weight.
Evaluation of aerobic endurance test: consisting of running on treadmill or athletic track.

Why is a sports medical examination carried out?

The objective of a sports medical examination is to confirm that someone is ready for a certain sports activity, and to anticipate any difficulties the person may have. Anyone can benefit from an examination, whether they play sport to a professional level or would just like to take up a new sport as a hobby.

Preparing for a sports medical examination

Before submitting to the test, it is recommended to take the following measures:

• Wear loose, comfortable clothes
• Avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours before the exam
• Eat light food, do not smoke, do not drink coffee, alcohol or stimulants on the day

Meaning of abnormal results of a sports medical examination

Lorem ipsumA sports medical examination may reveal issues such as:

Poor gait or posture that could result in injury
Problems with breathing function that may require further investigation
Inherited heart conditions which need managing for you to play sport safely

After you are given the results of your exam you may be referred to another specialist, such as a cardiologist or physiotherapist, for further investigation and treatment. dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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