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Elbow Fracture Surgery (adult)

Clavicle Fracture Surgery

Wrist Fracture Surgery (child)

Elbow Fracture Surgery (child)

Shoulder Stabilisation Surgery

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Surgery (Subacromial Decompression)

Emergency Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Carpal Tunnel Release

Dupuytren's Fasciectomy

Wrist Fracture Surgery (2)

Shoulder Surgery (Rotator Cuff)

Total Shoulder Replacement

Excision of a Ganglion

Ulnar Nerve Release

Arthroscopy of the Wrist

Arthroscopy of the Elbow

Arthroscopy of the Shoulder

Removing Metalwork

Revision Total Shoulder Replacement

Total Elbow Replacement

Revision Total Elbow Replacement

Arthroscopic Release of Frozen Shoulder


Surgery for De Quervain's Disease

Trigger Finger Release

Surgery for Tennis Elbow

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