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Expert Witness in Trauma and Orthopaedics

Medico-Legal Services

Prof. Imam is a Full Practising Expert who has attended “The expert witness skills masterclass: how to avoid the pitfalls” in BPP Law School Waterloo, London, run by The Royal Society of Medicine which cover aspects of acting as an expert from expert’s duties to conduct and procedure in court. He still regularly attend teaching and update conferences on all aspects of personal injury assessment and medico-legal practice.

For Soliciters

Prof. Imam is a trained Medical Expert, specialising in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. He is a fellowship trained surgeon specialised in managing upper limb pathology as well as different fractures in the body. Please find below the Arm Doc statement for providing Medico-legal expert witness services.

Expert’s Declaration Statement

  1. As expert witnesses, our experts’ duty in providing written reports and giving evidence is to help the Court, and that this duty overrides any obligation to the party by whom we are engaged. We confirm that we have complied and will continue to comply with our duty.
  2. We have not entered into any arrangement where the amount or payment of our fees is in any way dependent on the outcome of the case.
  3. We know of no conflict of interest of any kind, other than any which we disclose in our reports.
  4. We do not consider that any interest, which we have disclosed, affects our suitability as expert witnesses on any issues on which we have given evidence.
  5. We have shown and will always show the sources of all information we have used.
  6. Our Experts have exercised reasonable care and skill in order to be accurate and complete in preparing all reports.
  7. We have endeavoured to include in our report those matters, of which we have knowledge or of which we have been made aware, that might adversely affect the validity of our opinions. We have clearly stated any qualifications to our opinions.
  8. We always consider and bear in mind that our reports will form the evidence to be given under oath or affirmation.
  9. We are aware of the practice direction on pre-action conduct. We have acted in accordance with the Code of Practice for Experts.

Liability to Parties Other Than the Client

Expert Witness

Several issues of uncertainty in relation to expert witness liability remain unresolved despite the passage of time since Jones v Kaney. The first relates to circumstances where the expert owes a duty to a number of parties, rather than just one. The second relates to a core form of immunity which appears to remain untouched despite Jones v Kaney. The third is the pre-existing regime allowing wasted costs against an expert witness, the threshold of which remains wholly unclear. Given this uncertainty, the approach of the Court of Appeal in Symphony Group is to be preferred, namely that an order for the payment of costs by a non-party will always be exceptional.

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