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Explore key clinical findings in orthopedics. Evaluate patient outcomes, track progress, and guide treatment decisions.

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When you book your appointment at our Clinic, you might receive an email about our Patient Outcomes system run through Amplitude. Amplitude Clinical Outcomes is a globally recognised, independent supplier of software systems that capture and report clinical and patient reported outcomes data (PROMs). Amplitude is the leading supplier of electronic PROM’s to the British NHS, as well as being used by many registries in the UK and internationally.

The Amplitude platform is different in a number of ways. Not only does it collect data from patients, but it allows context to be applied to the outcomes, which allows the whole picture of a patient’s health from initial interaction, to post intervention, to be considered.

This is clinical outcomes measurement tool that evaluates every patient’s treatment, allowing us to monitor and measure the treatments our doctors provide. For it to be truly beneficial for future patients, the involvement and cooperation of our existing patients is crucial to help us collect, record, and analyse the clinical outcomes (results) of our work, and to measure the quality of the service we offer.

We use Carebit as our patient management software.

Why do we need to collect this?

To gather information for our clinical scores, we ask each patient to answer some short questionnaires about their condition and general health, both now and how it changes over time. There is no obligation to take part in these questionnaires, however we encourage all our patients to partake so that we can review our clinical work and treatment guidelines, helping us improve the quality of care we provide in the future. Although we may publish our results or share information with our health partners, this involves only aggregated, anonymous data and it is not personally identifiable. Here with the link that to access the Patient Portal and submit your scores