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Elbow Conditions

The elbow conditions the Clinic treats are typically those involving arthritis and lateral/ medial epicondylitis, better known as ‘tennis elbow or Golfer’s elbow

Tennis elbow is caused when connecting tissue of the forearm muscle to the elbow becomes inflamed, torn and/or sore due to overuse of the elbow.

Whilst those suffering from this condition can usually nurse their elbow back to full health with the help of physiotherapy, combined with anti-inflammatory drugs to keep the pain at bay, surgery can be suggested for chronic cases to remove the aggravated tissue from the tendon or mend tissue tears.

It is this surgery and the resultant long rehabilitation period, as well as the less than perfect final results, which we aim to avoid with our safe, regenerative treatments.

Using the progressive regenerative therapies available to us, we can use our patients’ own stem cells to ensure their own body repairs the tendon tears present in their elbow. Patients who are treated by us with stem cell or other regenerative therapies for tennis elbow experience fast, comfortable treatment, quick recovery and no complications, in comparison to surgery, that can be viewed as an alternative.

The process begins with the harvesting of platelets and/or stem cells from the patient’s blood and/or fat tissue and then processing these to separate and concentrate the cells away from other cells extracted. These cells are then injected into the patient’s elbow, where they begin the natural process of fixing the tendon tears without the need for surgical intervention.

Once injected, the natural healing process will begin immediately, but the noticeable results will not be instant as when the body naturally begins to heal a wound.

We would normally expect our patients to notice a significant difference within 6 to 12 weeks of the treatment, with the healing process continuing and results becoming even more obvious as the months pass thereafter.

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